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Planning & Development

For the uninitiated, the process of applying for planning permission can often be long-winded and frustrating. The rules governing planning in the UK are complex and proceeding without the correct permissions from the local authority is ill advised, potentially resulting in expensive alternations, unsatisfactory compromises and even demolition.

Comer Construction can make the whole process painless and risk-free for you. Our thorough knowledge of the current legislation and guidelines means we can advise you as to whether you need permission for your proposed building work. This can depend on a variety of factors – proximity to neighbouring properties or roads, the proportion by which it will increase your property, even the existence of trees in the immediate vicinity.

Our understanding of the existing rules means we can design within them, saving you valuable time and money from the outset.

We then manage every stage of the planning process on your behalf, preparing the appropriate technical drawings, completing and submitting the necessary applications and negotiating any modifications that are required.

Once approval is granted, we liaise with the planning inspector to ensure the work is approved at all the necessary points to comply with building regulations until the work is finally certified.