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Extensions, Alterations & Conversions

With Comer Construction’s expertise you can transform an existing building and release its hidden potential by extending, converting or making alterations.

Some building companies consider themselves ‘too small’ and shy away from larger projects that might include steel work. Others are ‘too big’ to be interested in smaller jobs, over-pricing them or not giving them the attention they deserve. Comer Construction, on the other hand, is ‘just right’: You can count on the same superb quality and attention to detail, whatever the scale or your project.

Perhaps a small porch would radically improve the appearance of your home? Opening up small rooms in your property might let light flood in and provide you with more flexible family space? You may have an old building that would convert perfectly into a superb work or home environment with the right alterations, or maybe you could achieve more bedroom and living space by adding a two-storey extension to your home? Our design knowledge means we can help you explore and realise the possibilities.

If you are living or working in-situ while the work is underway you can rest assured we will make every effort to minimise the disruption and inconvenience to you – that’s one reason why so many of our customers continue to recommend us.