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Kitchens, Bathrooms & Offices

A beautifully designed and professionally installed kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or office space can add significant value to your property and improve the quality of your home life.

At Comer Construction, long before we advise on layout, furnishing or fittings, we take the time to listen and really understand how you want to use your space. Will your dream kitchen be the heart of your family home or a chic place for entertaining? Are we talking ‘walk-in wardrobe’ for a shoe collection worthy of the V&A, or compact storage for a university student whose pad doubles as the spare room during term time?

We find out your priorities: Do you need to work within a tight budget or prefer to select the luxury option? Is environmental sustainability, resale value or classic ‘forever home’ quality your main concern?

Once we know what you are hoping to achieve and have a feel for your tastes, we draw on our track record, design flair and creativity to advise on layout, colour scheme, materials and the latest products – and if the perfect fitting doesn’t exist, our bespoke joinery service will hand craft it for you.

All our solutions are clearly quoted and include our design service at no extra cost. Once the budget is agreed upon, we manage the installation of all fittings, services and appliances so you can relax knowing it is all in hand.