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Garage and Patio landscaping


Although this was a small project we were very happy to undertake it because at Comer Construction we always pride ourselves on the quality of our work regardless of the scale of the job.

Before we could dismantle the existing garage, which was to make way for the new garage extension, we had to brace an adjoining wall, which was owned by the local council.

Although it was essentially a very straightforward project the client was keen to make it attractive and so the roof was quite an elaborate style for a garage. We completed the joinery, then tiled the roof and fitted the lead work flashing. We completed the rendering and installed an electric roller shutter garage door, finally painting it to match the adjoining house.

The garden was very small so the patio needed careful design to get the best use of the available space. The client was thrilled with the results as they now have a private and perfectly wind-free suntrap to relax in, a sanctuary in this busy seaside town.

Gordon Road, Brighton
  • Remedial work
  • Landscaping
  • Top quality detail and finish